Special Dough

PMF sweet pastry dough mixes and bases offer you an economical and convenient option for making your own dough to create signature pastries and breakfast offerings. Products made with PMF mixes and bases are tender and rich, with excellent flavor and superior shelf life.


  • 10 kg Kraft bag


As donut sales continue to grow, our top priority is to provide you with the products, services, and bakery expertise needed to meet today’s donut demand.


PMF Pancake Mix is the perfect recipe to produce delicious American-style, fluffy pancakes perfect for any time of the day, served sweet or savory.

  • Makes approximately 560 x 25g American pancakes per 14Kg Box.

  • Up to 12-15 Months shelf life as a dry form, from production date

  • Instructions: Mix 1 kg of Mix with 1L of cold water and 150ml of Butter (& some Vanilla Extract if desired!).

  • Keeps for 2 days in refrigerator once rehydrated

PMF is the best Luxury French Crêpe Mix. PMF offers an extremely high profit margin to any business given the low cost.