Frozen Yogurt Powder

Find natural refreshments with every Ice Cream scoop

PMF Premium Frozen Yogurt powder mix is produced with superior raw material quality. It easily adapts to all pump systems and gravity-type soft ice cream machines.

The PMF Premium Frozen Yogurt powder mix, which leaves a perfect milk and creamy bitter taste in the mouth, does not clump during the production phase and waiting time in the machine's upper chamber thanks to the quality raw materials used in its construction.

The produced frozen yogurt makes it to be free of frost and ice. It has a unique flavor thanks to the frozen yogurt extract which we supply from European suppliers. Vegetable and animal oils and European suckers are very important to make the frozen yogurt delicious.

PMF Premium Frozen Yogurt powder has vegetable oil. Even though the product is prepared with semi-oily milk on the side, it leaves a great taste on the palate.

The production is completely packed with air and light-free packages which are produced in domestic facilities, with high hygiene standards, and protect their freshness for a long time.

Use of :

PMF Premium Frozen Yoghurt powder mix is mixed with 3 liters of semi-oily milk in a bowl with the aid of a mixer until it becomes completely homogenous. Mixed PMF Premium Frozen Yogurt is woven into the bowl of the ice cream machine. All our frozen yogurt and soft ice cream machines are compatible with the brands and models.


  • 14 kg carton box (1.4 kg bag x 6 pcs.)