Milk Shake

Milkshakes made with love

PMF Milkshake powder is produced with superior raw material quality. It is easily compatible with all slush machines and blender systems.

It leaves a perfectly creamy taste in the mouth. PMF milkshake powder is produced entirely in domestic facilities, with high hygiene standards, and packaged in air and light-proof packaging that ensures it maintains its freshness for a long time.

Use of :

Mix PMF Milkshake Powder with 4 liters of drinking water /milk in a bowl using a mixer until it becomes completely homogeneous. The mixed PMF Milkshake liquid is poured into the chamber of the slush machine.

When making it with a blender, add 2/3 of your milkshake glass of water or milk for a superior taste, add approximately 2 tablespoons (40 g) of milkshake powder and 7-8 cubes of ice, and run your machine until the ice is broken. If you wish, add fresh fruits or chocolate chips. you can put it.


  • 16 kg carton box (2 kg bag x 8 pcs.)