Cream Powder Mixes

PMF Cream Powder Mixes range meets many customer needs, from fine decoration to including it as a filling for your cake and patisserie applications. Plant-based and sugar-free solutions are available!


  • 10 kg carton box (1 kg bottle x 10 pcs.)

  • 10 kg Kraft bag

  • 25 kg Kraft bag


  • Added value: yield of up to 400% after whipping the products, which means lower cost-in-use.

  • Excellent stability: This leads to an extended shelf life for your patisserie application and better workability when piping the whipping toppings or cream alternatives. From consulting and strategy development to implementation and support, our comprehensive services can help your business thrive.

    PMF Whipping Cream Powder makes it possible to create perfect long-lasting decorations – from bite-size snacks to cupcakes, celebration cakes, and more – all without cracks. The product is extremely smooth, easy to spread, and devoid of air bubbles. PMF Whipping Cream Powder is also easy to color, either by adding flavoring or coloring agents. This gives you endless possibilities to decorate your cakes!

Whipping Cream Powder

Custard Cream Mixes

Traditionally Custard cream is made with fresh milk, flour, sugar, eggs, and vanilla pods. Besides the hot or cold preparation method, custard cream can be made by adding either water or milk to the mix.

At PMF, we have developed a variety of custard cream options. These include CPT mix, which is prepared by boiling hot milk and sugar together, and Cremyvit, which is mixed with cold water to create a delicious and versatile custard cream.

What are the advantages of using custard cream mixes?

There are many reasons why a baker or patissier would use a mix rather than create custard cream from scratch. The practical benefits include:

  • Time savings: limited preparation steps

  • Constant quality: limited errors and risks

  • Cost optimization: fast preparation time and limited energy required