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PMF develops innovative ingredients and solutions for bakers, patissiers and chocolatiers around the world.

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Pastry Products
PMF pastry range was developed to help professional chefs and the wife of the house create pastry products for the consumer.
Pastry Auxiliary Products
PMF auxiliary products are important to improve finished products in terms of shelf life, taste, and appearance. All of our products are made from natural ingredients.
Chocolate for Professional
PMF chocolate range is well known, Industrial Chocolate products are preferred by everyone, not just professionals, but also adding special signature for finish products.
Soft Inclusions
PMF can be counted on a broad range of the best quality preserved fruits produced and processed in modern and appropriate facilities.
Carefully inspected, the fruits are free from flies, insects, and plant debris of any type and maintain their firm texture.
ALINE processed fruit represents the best ingredient to elaborate excellent and delicious preserved fruit products. Main purpose: Candied Fruit, Glace Fruit, Maraschino, Confectionery, and Cocktail production.
MOUNTAIN Syrup is more than a flavour syrup, MOUNTAIN Syrup has been developed by a passionate professionals who aim to gather our people, partners and customers with a shared spirit of confidence, respect and entrepreneurship.
Ice Cream Materials
PMF ice cream materials are developed to satisfy all tastes by providing a large number of flavors. As we produce products for all types of ice cream, One for soft ice cream machines & one type for display chillers.
Boba Bubble
PMF aims to give its customers an ultimate boba bubble experience with every sip they take! Here you can try the tasty classics as well as novel seasonal creations and enjoy a new culture with the people you love! Our mission is to break the old-fashioned drinks.